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How to download R Connector?

You can download R Connector here on our corporate Dropbox account:

 Here you’ll find the installation files, user guide and examples in qvw format..

 How to activate the trial version?

  1. Download and run the installation file.
  2. Get the «Request Code».
  3. In order to get the trial serial number, please, read the ReadMe.txt carefully.
  4. Finish the R Connector installation process
  5. In order for your R connector experience to be thorough, we highly advise you to read the user guide.

Where do I find the examples?

 On our corporate Dropbox account you will also find the examples, which will be extremely useful in learning tools available to you and R Connector capabilities.

  • Simple examples
  • Dynamic Data Update forecasting examples
  • Hierarchical time-series forecasting

What I need to know about R Connector?

ATK R Connector for QlikView by ATK Consulting Group allows user to enhance QlikView experience with professional R project analytics. Seamless integration of Qlikview and R project allows user to perform complex calculations for planning and forecasting, and track patterns in analyzed data in QlikView itself.

Beta-testing is free and encouraged. ATK specialists will support you during beta-testing period.

In ATK R Connector for QlikView Beta the following forecasting types are available:

  • econometric,
  • regression,
  • Box-Jenkins techniques, 
  • neural networks,  
  • GRNN etc.

What advantages does R Connector have?

 ATK R Connector for QlikView advantages for business users: 

  • Enhanced analytics. R Project enhances QlikView analytics with complex forecasting. With ATK R Connector for QlikView you’ll be able to perform all types of statistical analysis: factorial, descriptive, regression, etc.
  • Unified interface. QlikView analytics and R Project forecasts are displayed in unified ergonomic QlikView interface.
  • Built-in or on-demand forecasts. With ATK R Connector for QlikView users can choose their own forecasting approach. Prognostic calculations will be built in the QlikView application and calculated automatically; or user will make its own selection manually and will get the R system forecast in QlikView.
  • Responsive forecasts. Multilayer calculations take very little time due to ‘in-memory’ database and computational strength of matrix algebra.

 ATK R Connector for QlikView advantages for technical users:

  • Seamless integration of QlikView and R Project.
  • Built-in tools for an easy and effective dynamic update of QlikView documents.
  • Debugging and logging tools. These tools are particularly important when R connector is set to automatic update of QlikView documents from its server.
  • Ability to develop macros in QlikView with the use of both VBS-scripting and R Language (A Computer Language for Statistical Data Analysis)
  • Ability to leverage the power of application libraries from different areas (time series analysis and forecasting, regression and cluster analysis, econometrics, etc.)
  • High level of performance and productivity.

How it works?





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